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OMG Racing Vodka

Elkmere Vodka has teamed up with the prestigious British Superbike team OMG Racing, to produce a special edition vodka. This exclusive collaboration blends the sophistication of Elkmere and the adrenaline-fueled spirit of OMG Racing. Resulting in a unique and collectible spirit that celebrates excellence on and off the track. The award-winning Elkmere Vodka's commitment to quality aligns seamlessly with the precision and dedication demonstrated by OMG Racing. Making this a thrilling fusion of craftmanship and speed, appealing to both connoisseurs of fine spirits and enthusiasts of the fast paced world of superbike racing.

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OMG Racing smooth distilled vodka offers a refined experience, crafted for both sipping and elevating cocktails. Its unparalleled smoothness is achieved by tempering it down with artesian water from an ancient underground aquifer, resulting in a soft, exqusite taste that sets it apart. Ideal for those who appreciate the art of mixology or simply savouring a premium vodka on its own.

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