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Apple Pie Vodka

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Elkmere Apple Pie Vodka

Country Winner at the World Vodka Awards 2024

Gold Winner at the World Vodka Awards 2024


Botanical Vodka

ABV 40%

"Hints of apple and cinnamon on the palate, offering a well-balanced apple taste with notes of cinnamon and cloves, light toffee undertones, and an enjoyable spicy finish. Throughout the sip, there is a nice honey sweetness. Delicate apple notes shine through, adding the flavour of toffee apple with cinnamon nicely complementing the profile. It delivers a fresh and clean apple pie experience with surprising dryness and a very moreish palate, exhibiting delicate and precise characteristics." -World Drink Awards.

Elkmere Apple Pie Vodka is perfect for sipping, mixing or cocktail making. Ran through a pot still, then tempered down with Artesian water from an ancient underground aquifer. 

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